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TPI Golf Assessment

TPI Golf Assessment Hammond & Mandeville, LA




Michael Conlin, PT, DPT and Shaun McArthur, DPT, of Anatomix Physical Therapy, have been certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as TPI Certified Professionals. Through their training, they have obtained the skills and knowledge to evaluate a golfer’s body by using a 16 step, golf-specific screen to determine possible functional limitations throughout the body. Through this screening progress, developed by some of the most elite golf instructors and medical professionals in the world, certain body characteristics can be identified which have the potential lead to swing characteristics that may ultimately be harmful to a player’s power and swing efficiency.

Dr. Conlin and Dr. McArthur can identify areas of your body that are limiting your full swing potential, and work on those areas using their knowledge of body mechanics and orthopedic pathologies. From the information obtained from the TPI screening process, our physical therapist will tailor a program that is specific to your needs, that is safe, and that could even improve pain on and off the course.

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