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Anti Gravity Treadmill

Anti Gravity Treadmill Hammond & Mandeville, LA




We, at Anatomix Physical Therapy, have an exciting piece of equipment that has revolutionized the rehabilitation world. The Alter-G Anti-gravity Treadmill is a rehabilitation tool that provides our physical therapists the ability to determine the amount of weight a patient can bear while walking, jogging or running sprints.

Such technology is a breakthrough amongst traditional post-operative rehabilitation protocols that restrict weight bearing on the lower extremities, allowing patients to return to walking despite post-operative precautions and restrictions. For example, a post-operative patient who is limited to 50% weight bearing and forced to walk with crutches, can walk on the Alter-G without an assistive device to quickly restore a normal gait pattern and proper firing patterns of the leg muscles! The Alter-G also significantly reduces forces that place added stress on the joints and spine. This reduction in stress aids in the recovery process and further prevents gait compensations that commonly developed after injury.

The Alter-G also allows athletes to rehabilitate with smoother transition into return-to-sport activities. Running at a lighter weight can help restore confidence after injury and allow you to track progress by graded increases in bodyweight percentage and speed. Anatomix Physical Therapy uses evidence-based protocols for return to sport that have been developed over numerous studies using the Alter-G. Even healthy distance athletes, such as marathoners and triathletes, looking to lighten the overall impact on the body from running can benefit from training in a gravity-reduced state!

What does all this mean to you? It means that with the use of the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill our physical therapist can get you back to walking, running and playing much faster after an injury or even surgery!

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